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Welcome to our lab

Our electronics lab is the place where we put our designs through its paces. We have extensive amount of lab equipment to ensure that our design fulfill its specifications before sent out to our customer.

design tools

We use Mentor PADS for the schematics and Layout design. Orcad Pspice is our main simulation software. Mechanical and 3D design we use Autodesk Inventor and Autocad.

Further we have developed many simulation and design tools for high frequency magnetic componets.

test equipment

Our test lab is equipped with cutting-edge instrumentation and advanced hardware to facilitate groundbreaking R&D, and testing in the area of power electronics. Our lab is equipped to test power electronics up to +10kW. We have also capabilities for climatic chamber tests and premilinary EMC-testing for 1-phase and 3-phase systems.

Prototype shop

Our prototype shop facilitates all equipment for assembling pcbs (SMD&SMT), reflow and rework. We can build small quantities of protype boards very fast. We have also industrial 3D printer for prototyping plastic parts. 

At our metal shop we are able to do milling, turning and welding as well as building housings, test systems etc.

Software development

We work with microprocessors from 8bit to 32bit. We can implement our power systems to any bus architecture e.g CAN, IO-LINK, ASi etc. We have developed  algorithms for complex measurements e.g insulation resistance in solar and medical enviroments.