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Custom power electronics design

AC/DC converters

We are experts in designing high-performance, high efficiency solutions for any industrial applications. With a deep understanding of power electronics, we design converters that optimize energy conversion, minimize losses, and enhance system reliability.

Our team leverages the latest semiconductor technologies, advanced control algorithms, and robust thermal management to deliver power converters that exceed industry standards.


DC/DC converters

Elevate your industrial power systems with our exceptional expertise in DC/DC power converters. We’re at the forefront of creating compact, high-performance, and reliable converters tailored to your specific needs. Our solutions offer precise voltage regulation, high efficiency, and robust protection mechanisms, ensuring optimal power delivery for critical applications.

With in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge semiconductor technologies, advanced control algorithms, and thermal management, we excel at customizing solutions for various industries, including automotive, telecommunications, and aerospace. Our commitment to innovation and quality guarantees your systems operate at peak efficiency. When you require industrial DC/DC power converters that deliver unmatched performance, turn to our team of experts for the ultimate solution.


Battery management

We have long experience of developing advanced battery charging and UPS solutions as well as motor control electronics for light electric vehicles. Our design ensure robust, high-performance charging solutions that cater to the demands of critical applications. charging algorithms, intelligent thermal management, and fault-tolerant designs, our solutions are tailored for diverse industrial needs, from forklifts to backup power systems. Battery systems can be combined with high efficiency motor drives which are engineered for optimal performance, delivering maximal torque and acceleration.


Special power electronic concepts

We are often asked to help our customers in very special and unusual power electronic projects. For example we have developed 3,6V 500A DC/DC converter or what about 100W 5 output DC/DC converter with only 10mm thickness, utilizing custom planar inductor designs?

On the other side of the power spectrum we have developed 100kW digitally controlled 6 pulse rectifier for DC-Link application.

It doesnt matter what kind of strange application you have, we are always able to help you. At least tell you if is possible or not!