Design services

Excello provides design & testing services of high efficiency modern power electronics. Our major expertise comes from high efficiency power supply technologies. Power rating of the power converter can be up to 50kW, transformer technology solutions are available up to megawatts. 

Efficiency of today's modern power supply can be up to 98,5% depending of the power and input/output voltage of the device.

Our services cover electronics simulation, schematic and lay-out design as well as mechanical design in 3D or in 2D environment. We offer also software development for 8bit to 32bit microprocessors and DSP.





Excello has developed power electronics for many industry segments. Our customers work in areas such as medical industry, automation industry, heavy lifting and military industries.

Special applications such as very high power density, high efficiency or other customer specific functions are every day job for our designer team.


AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC power supplies
LED applications
Renewable energy
High frequency transformers

Just call us and let us know your application, we are glad to help you!




  1. Power supplies for automation industry - 20W to 1kW, 1-phase, 3-phase, up to 98% efficiency
  2. PFC power supplies up to several kW
  3. Power electronics for elevators
  4. Power electronics for X-ray machines
  5. Power electronics for electric car industry
  6. High frequency transformers
  7. dU/dt reactors up to 1,5MW
  8. Sine filters up to ~200kW